We offer professional training in the field of gas and plasma cutting for all persons employed in welding, locksmithing or as mechanics and fitters. Theory and practice in one training.

Gas cutting – used for regular and low alloy steel. Effective and efficient method – materials cut with oxygen and acetylene usually do not require further processing.
Plasma cutting – applies to all material groups of steel, aluminum alloys and copper. This is the most commonly used method in the heavy industry, automotive, pharmaceutical and sanitary industries.

We offer separate courses and both methods together.

Who can take the course?

1. Essential knowledge of: metal technology, welding materials, principles and techniques for oxygen and plasma cutting, types and types of oxygen and plasma cutting equipment.

2. Practical skills in the field of:

  • cutting sheets and sections,
  • cutting rings,
  • cutting pipes and round materials,
  • cutting cylindrical profiles
  • manual bevelling.

3. After passing the exam, the participant obtains qualifications (depending on the completed welding course) for manual oxygen, plasma or manual cutting using both processes, required by the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 27 April 2000 on health and safety at work during welding. < / p>

Who can take the course?

  • Adults (over 18 years of age) in good health
  • People working as welders, locksmiths, fitters, mechanics and related industries.