Iron Solution has almost 15 years of experience in welding. For many years, we have been carrying out large projects in Norway, in the construction and renovation of oil drilling platforms in the North Sea, and in the shipbuilding industry. Now we want to use our skills in the Polish market.

Iron Solution – when knowledge meets experience

Theoretically, welding is simply connecting elements. Practitioners know, however, that this is an activity that requires professional preparation and knowledge of various technological processes. Iron Solution is a company with excellent specialists. Thanks to their knowledge and engagement, we ensure our customers reliability and professionalism confirmed by relevant certificates as well as professional support in solving problems.
We train and check industrial and construction workers for outsourcing companies, large factories and shipyards that employ welders, hull fitters, steel structure fitters, ship pipeline fitters, scaffolders and steel fixers. We conduct training, exams and certification at companies in various parts of Poland or on request directly at the customer’s facility. So far, companies such as the Norwegian branch Adecco Solutions AS, the Danish FH Contractors Norge AS have trusted us, PCC Group Production Portal Rokita, Level Group AS and many other smaller companies.
We care about your comfort, that’s why the range of the offer and all prices we negotiate individually, and training and certification are carried out at your facility. You don’t have to delegate employees, and you’re not exposed to downtime at work.

Welding services and training for welders

We offer full welding services: from consultations, through renovations, to the production of details. We support the professionalisation of the industry by organising and conducting welding trainings.We also provide certification for welders and steel structure fitters. Training welders is an activity strictly regulated by standards. We have the knowledge and permits that provide us with the opportunity to expertly present and teach a variety of welding techniques (MIG, MAG, TIG).

To ensure safety and durability of the structure, we offer: supervision of the implementation of welding works, preparation of expertise and non-destructive testing by various methods – from visual through penetration to radiographic or ultrasonic, as well as other tests of structures and elements.

If you have any question, please contact us Iron Solution is a universal answer to your welding needs. You are welcome to cooperate with us!