Flange connections training

We offer certified trainings for workers performing or supervising the assembly of flange connections in pressure systems posing a particular threat, conducted in compliance with PN-EN 1591-4.

Thematic scope of the training (theory):

  • flange types as well as gasket types and functionality,
  • bolt classes,
  • safe assembly and disassembly of flange connections (OHS regulations applicable to these activities),
  • frequent causes of defective flange connections with a gasket,
  • preparing the sealing surface,
  • recognition of defects and failures,
  • leakage requirements.
  • torque wrenches and torque amplifiers: (construction and operation, setting the torque, maintenance, proper use)
  • hydraulic wrenches: (Construction and operation, Safety instructions, Instructions for using hydraulic units, Use and maintenance of hydraulic torque wrenches)

As part of the training, we conduct practical classes on the assembly of flange connections and leakage tests.

The training ends with a theoretical and practical exam. The receipt of the result is confirmed by a certificate issued by TUV SUD.