Iron Solution – the power of knowledge and precision of supervision in the welding industry

Iron Solution is a company operating throughout the country, competently combining tasks in the field of welding and supervision, control and expertise of other professionals activity.

In the field of welding services we provide, among others:

  • production of details and various steel elements,
  • welding of details and large structures,,
  • small and advanced welding and locksmith services,
  • steel structure repairs,
  • supervision of the implementation of welding works,
  • professional technical consultancy.

For more knowledge about the implementation of welding services, please contact us. We will provide all necessary information!

Since we have the qualifications to train welders and actively contribute to the promotion of good welding practices, we are an excellent choice for customers who require greater precision and real longevity and durability of welded metal structures. Almost 15 years of work in the industry means that we can seamlessly produce details and all necessary steel elements from scratch.

The selection of the welding technology appropriate for the customer’s material and demand is a skill that has been developed for years, especially when it needs to be combined with the perfect execution of welding services.

Steel structure renovations are always accompanied by VT, MT, PT, UT, RT non-destructive tests.

Supervision and consultancy services

Iron Solution, using the gathered knowledge and completed industry, environmental trainings, ensures the maximum degree of safety of welded steel structures. We offer technical consulting services in the welding process, including submerged arc welding (SAW) and arc welding in the active gas shield powder wire (MAG 136).

We prepare, develop and conduct:

  • supervision of the implementation of welding works in accordance with PN-EN ISO 14731 (supervision of welding – tasks and responsibilities in the scope of competence of International Welding Engineer IWE),
  • upervision of works regarding the qualification of WPQR welding technology in accordance with PN-EN ISO 15610 nd other guidelines,
  • WPS Welding Procedure Specification in accordance with PN-EN ISO 15609,
  • other supervisions, controls and tests.

Take advantage of the knowledge of certified instructors and see that only professional knowledge, experience gained in European markets and friendly service can ensure the right standards of welding services. Please contact us!