Iron Solution offers professional training of welder in compliance with programmes developed by the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and the European Welding Federation (EWF). These courses, prepared to maintain the highest standards, end with an exam, the passing of which is confirmed by the PN-EN ISO 9606-1 certificate.

Training welders is an investment

Take care of the high quality of your services and invest in the development of your workers! Thanks to the training organised by Iron Solution, they will gain knowledge and skills in line with the latest welding trends developed on the basis of standards. Trainings last from one to several days, depending on the customer’s needs and expectations.

We will visit you – every training of welders is conducted on your plant premises or in other rented place. In this way, you will not lose time on logistics related to travel or transport of equipment.

Our offer applies to the all of Poland, because there is a demand for professionally prepared and trained welders throughout Poland.

Our trainers can boast diplomas of the International Welding Practitioner (IWP), as well as many years of practice in extremely demanding conditions – in the offshore sector, on drilling platforms in the North Sea and in the shipbuilding industry.

We train, among others in:

  • MMA 111 – manual metal arc welding,
  • MIG 131 – welding with a consumable electrode in inert gas,
  • MAG 135 – welding with a consumable electrode in active gas,
  • MAG 136 – arc welding in the active gas shield powder wire,
  • MAG 138 – welding with a consumable electrode in the shield of active gas powder wire with metal core,
  • TIG 141 – arc welding with a non-consumable electrode in inert gas,
  • TIG 311 – oxy-acetylene welding.

We also offer plasma cutting and oxygen cutting courses, after successful completion of which, certificates of the recognised company TÜV SÜD are given.

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Iron Solution has been enriching its substantive preparation for almost 15 years. Thanks to this, we can provide high quality welding services,, but this is not the only reason why we are still developing knowledge and qualifications.

Our mission is to promote good practices in welding and welding supervision. One of the most important elements of such a task is the in-depth, thorough and competent strength test of the welding structures. In this area we offer expertise as well as non-destructive nd destructive tests with various scope of inspections, measurements and techniques.

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