Hot-work training

Trainings for people performing or supervising fire hazard hot works (e.g. welding, cutting, grinding), working (or willing to work) in Scandinavia.

In Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, a special safety regulation requires that hot work be performed and supervised only by a person who has participated in a hot-work course and has a valid hot-work certificate.

Which professional groups are covered by the hot-work certification system in Scandinavia?
Welders, steel structure fitters, grinders, pipefitters, mechanics, tinsmiths, electricians, plumbers, painters, roofers, construction workers.

The hot-work course is a few hours training, conducted online in Polish, completed with a written exam and a certificate, as well as a certificate of completing a fire extinguisher use course.

The Norwegian hot-work certificate is valid for 5 years in all Scandinavian countries: Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Certificates are issued in one of the selected languages: Polish, English or Norwegian.