Courses and qualifications for mobile platforms, aerial platforms and manlifts

Course for those who want to acquire qualifications of the Office of Technical Inspection to drive vehicles enabling work at heights, such as mobile ramps, lifts, baskets.  Used in various types of construction, gardening, cleaning and many other works at heights.

The course for operators of mobile platforms, elevators (manlifts) allows to acquire knowledge and practical skills enabling obtaining qualifications awarded by a commission competent for the given area and appointed by the director of the Office of Technical Inspection regional branch.

The course allows to acquire qualifications to drive vehicles of the following groups:

1 P – mobile platforms:

  • low-speed mobile (scissor lifts),
  • transportable (e.g. crawlers attached to a vehicle),
  • self-propelled (mounted on a vehicle).

2 P – low-speed mobile platforms (internal combustion and electric drive):

  • suspended,
  • mast, mast-articulated,
  • stationary.

As part of the training (35 hours), we organise an internal theoretical and practical exam, which allows to verify the knowledge of participants and their preparation for the external exam. The external exam takes place before a commission appointed by the regional branch of the Office of Technical Inspection.

The course can be attended by adults in good health and with no contraindications to work at heights.  No professional preparation or other qualifications required.

Our trainings are run by professionals with appropriate authorisations, qualifications and experience.  We present every type of device in detail, we teach its operation and  operating rules. Our priority is the work safety and responsibility of the operators of the abovementioned vehicles.

The course includes theoretical classes (including, but not limited to, general information about devices, their strength, stability, drives, etc., information, operating instructions), as well as practical classes – operation of each type of device and performing specific tasks with their use. The course programme approved by the Office of Technical Inspection.

The course can be conducted in the workplace or in a place prepared by us.  We have our own devices for training operators.

After passing the exam of the Office of Technical Inspection, the trainee receives:

  • qualifications (ID) for low-speed, self-propelled mounted on a vehicle, transportable mobile platforms,
  • certificate of a completed course with a framework training programme (issued in Polish and English).